Review: F-Stop Tilopa BC

So I have been in the search of the perfect camera bag. I think i have found it! I picked up the F-Stop Tilopa BC camera bag last week so i got to test it out when i headed to the Salton Sea couple nights ago.

So tho it was car camping and such it wasn't but to the MAX test but I think it'll handle whats to come. This bag is so comfortable! The straps are perfect, i hate bulky straps but i also hate thin ones. These are basically right in the middle. I'm sure when they break in it'll be magical. The hip pads are great too super comfortable while wearing them but you can also strap them backwards around the bag to get them out of the way.

I picked up the Large Pro ICU with the purchase. The ICU and bag fits everything below! And for a list of gear check out my previous post. Also picked up the Large Gatekeeper Straps. Which will strap down sleeping bag, some clothes etc.. With the Large ICU you have enough room for some storage above it plus the top pockets so theres plenty of room for a day of clothes for a hiking trip.

The biggest plus to this bag is its compatibility You can change out the ICU system for smaller ones and use the compression straps to overall make the bag smaller its very big when opened up but you can for sure make it smaller by carrying maybe a slimmer ICU (Which they make) or maybe a medium or small ICU, then you could carry more clothes and whatnot above.

Overall I think its worth the money and if you're serious about photography and need some long lasting gear its the bag you should consider! PLUS they make other bags all sizes!

John KingstonComment